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Our trading platform, UTRADEPro™, combines new workstation features with an all new graphical user interface. New features include dynamic-access symbol finder and navigation functionality, one-click, double-click or ticket trading, tradable chats, among many others.

And UTRADEPro™ comes with the critically acclaimed “Dock & Tab” environment, providing traders with immediate access to much more information than ever before.

We Deliver Professional Features and Benefits for the Trader.

Strategy Optimizer™ analyzes all possible permutations of strikes and expiries in a given symbol to determine the most efficient combination of long and short puts and calls among a single or combination of option strategies, thereby allowing traders to quickly maximize profit potential and minimize risk for any price/time market expectation.

Margin Calculator™ allows a trader to instantly determine the actual margin for any combination of long or short spot and single or multi-leg long/short calls/puts. By using our proprietary Risk-based Margining system.

Completely customizable, feature-rich trade station with an easy to use, intuitive interface.

Multi-language support - Dock and tab environment - Faster execution with smart FX options routing and more.

Extensive reporting with tradable charting, analytics and algorithmics

Real-time option quote screens consistent with stock and futures Forex Options trading.

Easy-to-read information format with embedded drill-down functionality for accessing hierarchically-organized data.

The same margining, risk management, and analysis tools suite available to the broker is also available to the trader.